In addition to revascularization procedures, a pacemaker can also be implanted using minimally-invasive techniques. A pacemaker is a small medical device that detects your heart’s activity and sends electrical pulses to maintain a normal heartbeat. These are usually permanent and treat conditions such as arrhythmia or heart failure, but temporary pacemakers are also used after a heart attack or surgery to ensure that your heart is beating properly.

Pacemaker Procedure

Inserting a pacemaker is a relatively minor procedure that typically doesn’t require an overnight hospital stay. First, the wires or leads that will connect to the pacemaker are guided through a vein in the upper chest and into the heart. Once in place, the device itself will be connected and inserted beneath the skin through a small incision. The pacemaker will then be tested and the incision closed. Depending on the type of pacemaker being inserted, the entire procedure may last 60 to 90 minutes.


Your pacemaker will be programmed specifically for you and work in response to your heart’s needs. It won’t interfere with your daily life but will require periodic monitoring to ensure that it is working properly. You will also receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible result, along with recommendations that will help you maintain awareness of your pacemaker and continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle. If you have questions or concerns during any point in your treatment, Dr. Bouknight and his team will be available to address them either over the phone or in office. At Carolina Cardiology, your long-term health and wellness is our top priority and we’re committed to providing the high-quality care you need to feel your best.

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